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From itch.io listing, with spelling corrected:

Mask Up is an action platformer roguelike. Play as a mask and try to escape a mysterious underground facility.

Mask Up features:

* Randomly generated world

* Various enemies, biomes and mechanics to discover

* Accessible two-button input system

* English and French translation

* Original music by PeKaNo

How far will you go and what secrets will you discover?

You can also get the game on the Google Play Store.

Mask Up was designed for mobile, but a Windows version is also provided if you don't own an Android device. You only have to press two button to fully control your character in both versions. Windows version allows key binding, so you can play with only one hand, your feet or really anything.[1]

Google Play Store listing (Android), itch.io listing (Android APK & Windows EXE)

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  1. https://rouli.itch.io/mask-up
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